Sunday, June 29, 2008


This entry will have more and more photos added along the journey. So please come back to this particular entry from time to time. CS

This was actually day one of the journey. 254 pounds of handsome yet not so happy man. This was Febuary 24/08

Now at 251. Still not smiling much but on the way. Three pounds ain't a lot but it all eventually adds up.

Now around 247 even though the picture doesn't show it...Yes I do have something to smile about.

This is around 232 with 22 pounds lost. Look!
I am starting to smile and I have extra room in my pants. To put it in full perspective, I had to lose a little weight just to squeeze into these pants, but at 22 pounds lost, I have room to spare...I also am no longer scared to show my feet.

Skipping over many photos of foot and scale...In this shot with Ted, I am around two hundred something teen pounds. The shirt I am wearing I have had for YEARS. My favorite print but could not get it over the belly. I think you can see some progression in these shots, especially the love luggage that has finally turned into love handles. Still on the journey and losing and taking more and more photos.

This current shot below is a blurry 209. I know my feet don't show it but I am smiling much more these days.

You know for years many friends of mine would offer me food as a good jesture or favor, more than likely to get a good response, do something nice and get a smile out of me. All this time it was losing weight not offering everything fried, dipped in chocolate, or drowned in butter that does it. Growing up I was a plate finisher to the point of using a slice of bread to get the the last bits of gravy, butter of what ever else was there. You know that phrase..."Girl you look so good I could sop you up with a biscuit"? Well I think the person that originated that was probably watching me eat...Or maybe I originated it.
Now friends...I am not saying to stop taking me to lunch, and so on. Just understand that "if" I go I will not do like I did in the past and finish mine, yours and the strangers food at the table next to us. Also understand that "if" I go, I have taken that meal into account and will make adjustments in the rest of my day food and workout wise. So "if" I go, I will make that sacrifice for any of you who wish to buy me lunch.
To the right is my most recent pic now at 50 pounds gone. I still need to work on my smile some but beleive me...I am smiling on the inside.
God bless you and look for updates on this post. CS

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