Thursday, May 22, 2008

A New Day One

Well, this was Monday May 19 and my new day one.
I am now working out at Spectrum Clubs here in San Antonio "FOR FREE" thanks to SA Living & Spectrum Clubs and thanks to all of my encouraging friends, at church, here in town, and all over the US sending me emails of encouragement. The contest is over but life goes on. Next goal? Under 200 pounds. Donning my SpongeBob Bandana and workout clothes, I WILL make it. Next week I have an appointment with Registered Dietician Heather King to get my food intake in order. Till then Iwill keep steppin, walkin, lifting and stretching and logging all of my meals so she will see all of my "On my own" mistakes.

The above picture is me on the Precor Eliptical trainer. No shock, and kinda like cross between a cycling and running. The weight loss also has a lot less pressure on my new hip which allows me to do alot more much more comfortably.

See that picture below? Just imaging me thinking to myself..."oooohhhhh, that feels sooo good" Lower back stretch. Another Precor machine but for streching.
One of the restrictions with the new hip parts was not to break 90 degrees between my thigh and torso. I am recovering well and able to get well beyond that restriction.

I will post more soon so please come back. CS

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