Thursday, May 22, 2008

San Antonio's Biggest Loser

Many moons ago, I wanted to join the Navy. One problem...I was over weight. I had to lose 40 pounds just to get in and I ended up losing 75. I got down to 150 and I was in great shape. Over the years in the Navy I yo-yoed up and down with my weight until it became impossible just to get under 200 pounds. The years after the Navy was more of the same except it became hard to get under 220 and that has been my sticking point for many years. The opportunity came around for San Antonio's Biggest Loser and I decided to give it a try. Now the problem.I was still recovering from hip surgery back in November of 07. I had a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery with new metal inserts at the top of my femur and in my hip socket. I also had a good sized incision in my hip to get those things in place. I think I was about 10 days off of my cane when I showed up for the casting call. I did not get selected BUT! Shelly Miles & Leslie Bohl Jones are the host of the San Antonio Living show. They are two of the nicest ladies you will ever find any where. The 6 contestants were selected THEN, they increased that number to 9 THEN, they announced that anyone that wanted to register online could do so and there would also be an online competition. This is where my journey begins.
On February 24th of 2008 I began a journey to better health. Still getting over a cold and was sick all week, but getting with the program.

This w
as me on day one. 254 pounds according to the old home scale.

The first thing I realized I had to do was KILL THE SCALE!

Well, since this journey is about calibrating me,
I decided to do some self calibration instead of
calibrating the scale.
We have a treadmill at home as well as a
Bow Flex resistance machine. I like hiking quite a bit so My favorite hiking spot would also be on the exercise menu. Food? Well, I amnot much of a dessert and sweets person so all I had to do there was get away from the fried everything, cut down on the carbs, don't skip any meals and go for smaller portions and lower calories.


moon said...

Keep it up! By the time we get there in September or October you will have met your goal! See ya!

Blessed said...


What a huge difference. I almost didin't recognize you Chris. You're like a new person, what a awesome change for you.

Keep going, you're on a roll. What a great journey with such an wonderful outcome.

Wow, take care and thanks for sharing your story and journey.

Your friend,
Norma Johansen

GeoMayes said...

I almost did not remmember what Chris looked like just a few short months ago. He has really given a great example to those of us who need to shed a few pounds. He has been transformed to a new more powerful temple.