Sunday, June 29, 2008

Count Down to Under 200

Today I stepped on the scale and I was under 210 "Less Hips!" "Less Hips!" "HOORAY!"
I had a real good week of exercise and eating right and of course that is key. I was unable to swim as much because of time and I've changed my lifting workout (which is very good to do from time to time) to no free weights but all machines. Also instead of a few body parts a day, I am now working the whole body a few times a week. I also have a few no lifting days with just cardio for about an hour per session plus some ab work. I have found out that using the machines is much more comfortable and no plates to load. The only problem is that you never really know the true weight you are able to lift. BUT! Since I am 43 and not intending to enter a power lifting competition any time soon, I don't need to know that I can actually bench 400 as long as I am still (and I am) workin my muscles to fatigue. Also I have notice my shoulder pain is less and less using the machines and because I don't have the fear of dropping a weight on myself I am getting a better range of motion and more repetitions even when the muscles are fatigued.
Yard work is staying in my repertoire of things to do for exercise and over the weekend I did quite a bit. Lawn mowing, planting, finishing my compost box, shredding old branches, raking leaves, and setting rocks are all the things I did outside this weekend and right now we are hitting about 99 degrees daily. This keeps the sweat going so a lot of water drinking is a must and I like my cold H2O. This week I also have cut more carbs but not totally. Two taco's mid week, a PB&J for lunch one day, and carbs from some of the sugars in my juice have been there but no days where I can say I overdid it. This brought me from around 214 in the beginning of the week to around ("LOOK AT IT") 208 at my best scale reading for the week. The picture I am posting may say 209-210 (Sorry for the blurryness...and the ugly feet) but I am happy to no longer see the 200 teens. So now the count down is on to get below 200.

To let you all know why this is imortant...
I have not been below 200 since my Navy days and even then staying below 200 was a real struggle. At one time the struggle was 170 or below, then 180 or below I think I skipped over 190 then all of a sudden I just could not get below 200. I was over 200 through most of high school, then some where in 1984 I had to lose 40 pounds to get into the Navy. I lost 75 by my entry date then during my time in the Navy I started slowly creeping up in weight and the struggles were on. I read about 5 years ago that it is very unlikely that a person over 40 will lose weight to a good level if they enter their forty's over weight. I have a word for that. "BULL" If you set your mind to it to have a better life style, you will start doing the things you need to do to get there. For me this is probably my biggest self made monster, the monster of overeating and I feel that I have it conquered. Losing the weight is the results of having it conquered. Most will think that nothing is conquered untill the goal is reached. I like to think that reaching the goal is the result of a conquering journey.
Well it is Sunday and I am soon to be back at church. Will write more later as the countdown to 200 continues. God bless you. CS

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