Monday, August 4, 2008

50 Pounds

Well it has been quite a journey so far and still more roads to exlore are before me as I want to continue losing. Some where in last week I hit 50 pounds lost. I have seen my scale around 203-205 but mainly around that 204 area. I started out at 254, so minus 50 (Pounds that is) I am now at 204 and still losing. One thing I did not do was to celebrate with a big ole pile of food. We did do burgers at a restaurant last week but I had half of mine on Friday and the other half on Saturday night. I haven't really change much since my last posting except my weight of course but I will soon have to. My membership at the health club ends on the 19th of this month (Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Snif snif snif....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!) and I will have to go to another plan at that time for my workouts. With three kids I really can't justify the monthly fee just for me to go to the health club so I will be working out at home, and doing more hiking again and now that we are averaging in the upper 90's outside the extra sweat will be ok. I lost 30 pounds before the gym so I know I will be ok without it, but I will shed a tear or two on that last day. The machines are great, and the use of the pool is one thing I know I will miss since I have been upto 30 minutes of non stop laps in the pool.
Well I did hit a few road blocks since my last post. I seemed to have gotten stuck around 210 or so and to truly admit it to myself, I had a couple of weeks of slipping in the food catagory. Even when the workouts were going great, I got a little lazy in preparing the right stuff. The good side of that is I know what happened and I learned from it. As for pictures??? here is the infamous scale pic. As you can see in this pic, I am around 203.5 which is actually 50.5 pounds not lost but just gone into never never land. I was recently taught not to say lost on the risk of someone else finding those pounds. S0 let's just say those 50 pounds are cast away as far as the east is from the west. What do I look like now? See below.

In this shot those were one of my pairs of skinny pants. A goal I had to try to get to. NOW??? If it weren't for that belt even those would fall down. Pretty much right now I do not have one pair of pants that does not fit me too big. Side shot below.

Yes, I am getting smaller and the proof is there. Till next time. God bless you all. CS


Chris said...

Great job Chris! I am happy for you. You "almost" inspire me to get on a diet too, but how can I when I have a mexican wife who cooks mexican food all the time. It's like have a Mi Tierra in my house.

Anonymous said...

I got the Finally 50 email and had to see for myself.


That's a major milestone.

Good luck and keep going!