Saturday, November 1, 2008

Early 1 Year Celebration

Well, I could not change the day of the ride to November 5th so I celebrated early. Ride you ask? Let me explain. About a little over a month ago I started cycling to work on Thursdays. All of the other days I have to take kiddies to school and since they can't ride safely on the handle bars I stick to Thursdays when the wife is off and she does the kid taxi service. My Friday rides are now on Saturdays which is just an out and back 16 miler or double my work commute. A friend in our choir (I work in music ministry) asked me to join him and another rider to go on a 32 mile ride along the path of the Tour de Gruene in Gruene TX. This would be double the miles that I have recently done. I said yes and we went about 2 weeks ago. I did ok and we only stopped once for a food stop and once for a "PIT STOP". The Tour has 3 catagories at 17, 30 & 40 miles. I signed up for the 30 knowing that I have already rode the path and could do it again. The morning of the ride? Flat front tire. Called one of my buddies packed up the van, and went. Got to our meeting site and put in a new tube and it was off to the starting line. Less than a mile into the ride? Flat front tire. My buddies stopped and we used yet another new tube and I was back on tour. Few more miles down the road? Flat front tire. One of the sponsoring bike stores van stopped (BIKE WORLD, Greg, great guy) and kindly and for free really repaired the tire. Then I was back on tour. We got to the 30 mile turn around and I thought it was much further up the road and felt great...SO??? I went ahead and did the 40 miles instead. No more flats and with the extra riding to and from our vehicles to the starting/finishing point I actually did 44.5 miles. I know some of you have done a lot more a lot sooner but I first had to crawl and over come myself which I am still doing. What does this mean? Well so far I have lost 65 pounds. This is the overcoming myself I am talking about. If you think you will not be active after a Resurfacing, think again. Between the better eating, cycling, racquetballing, treadmilling, hiking, swimming, weight lifting, playing with the kids, yard projects and more. I stay active. Thank you Dr Evans for the precise knife, and thank you Surface Hippies for your advice and encouragement leading up to the surgery and after, and thanks to every friend that has read and sent encouraging words through this blog.
Oh, I am also celebrating my birthday early. 44 years active on Monday Nov 3rd. God bless you all. CS
One more thing...189 pounds. If you have been keeping count that is 65 pounds lost.
More pictures to follow. The one here is after the ride a little while after Igot home. YES! I Need to lear to smile.

This response from a friend, elite cyclist/triathlete/runner, and awesome personal trainer.
His response is simular to my view. Patience, determination, not letting fear be the negative motivator, and an understanding that it takes time to complete the goal. I have had weeks where I have not lost a pound but no week has gone by since I've started that I have decided to stop. The hardest part???
It's really difficult to find a comfortable chair. No more "natural chair padding". Read the below comment from Chris Aarhus. CS

Great job Chris! See, I wish others would just be patient and stick with it through the ups and downs that come with getting/staying in shape. It takes time. Plus people's fears hold em back I think and they never really know their full potentials or want to take the time to get there.

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Steven Colon said...

Hey Chris you look great just 9 more lbs to lose and you will weigh as much as my husband Steven Colon lol. Well keep going and hit your goal.

Mark said...

Dude - you're looking really healthy. I've taken up doing easy yoga most mornings to keep me you've got me thinking about heading back to the gym.