Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mission 2 Mission 2008

Well. It's another day in the life of this journey and a good one at that.
The week started off not too great with Frances being sick and eventaully diagnosed with pnumonia. This left me with not one full day at work this week and not many chances to ride unless I put a sick 3 year old on the handle bars. On top of that, what was going to be a family outing with me riding and the rest of the family walking the Mission to Mission tour was halted by sickness with Frances, then Julia, then Claudia plus Claudia all of a sudden had a school project on the same day. John stayed healthy (thank God) and my throat has been a bit scratchy with some coughing.

Not to let all of this stop me. I got up good and early and drove to the start site at Mission Park. Not really knowing the way, I just followed someone with a bike in the back of their vehicle. Once there I realized that I forgot my camera. No biggie. Next, I made the most embarrassing fall. Coming up to the start, not really crowded and coming to a stop, my left foot just was not coming out of the clip and down on my left side I went. I made the typical comment to cover it up..."Whew glad that's over, no more for the day". Few seconds later I realized that the fall broke my cycle computer. Repairable with some Epoxy or JB Weld so I tied up my loose wire and forgot about it. This ride was very good and the people were friendly enough. Lots of loners like me and many groups also. Tearing my number 29 (Great number I'll explain later) getting up on my seat some one kindly re-pinned it for me and off we were for the next 34 miles. That was the last of any type of bad day. The rest was very good. A couple of funny things I saw were the one guy riding with his no more than 2 year old son in a kids seat on his bike. Another was a little girl maybe 8 riding tandem with her dad only using one foot and giving me the "keep it a secret" finger over her lips as I went by. Later I saw the little boy in his bike chair sound asleep with dad still peddling away.
I felt that I rode pretty strong for most of the way. Reading a friends blog about his rides (a lot longer and much faster than mine) I remember him saying to eat three hours before, so I did and I also remember him feeling not so energized until he "slammed a coca cola" so my back pack water pouch was coke and water mixed. I like that taste and there are worse tasting things out there. There was only one real rest stop and on the way out I stopped for a little bit. Talked with one guy then rode out. On the way back I just bypassed the rest stop and kept on going. I guess around mile 25 or so I started feeling sluggish but once I got to the park again my energy picked up and I rode in without that glad to be done feeling.

Weighing myself when I left the house this morning I was at 193 or so. I really carbbed up last night and had a breakfast burrito, tater tots and juice this morning. I drank well during the ride but when I got home I was at 186 or so. Some of you will read this and exclaim "I need a bike". You probably do but I don't recommend going 34 miles on the first outing.

Now about number 29...I WON! I didn't know it but there was a little raffle going on and I won a free bike helmet, and I do need one. Thank God yet again!

What could have been a totally cancelled day because of a little sore throat and the family not coming turned out to be a good day after all. I had no idea how I was going to do or feel afterwards but I feel great.
Since I won something I want to give my thank you acceptance speach...

Thanks go to God for His favor over my life. Thanks to Greg Amicone who although was not there got me started doing these rides with the Tour de Greune. Thanks to Kevin, Johnny, & Mark for very encouraging words although Johnny needs to supplement the trails with some road riding. Thanks to Chris Aarhus for much needed advice and encouragement...Maybe one day it will be a triathlon. Thanks to the race coordinators and all of your support and poining me in the right direction. Thanks to Lydia Kelly for being the bikers voice in San Antonio. Thanks to the rapper LL Cool J who said..."If you feel good, Work out. If you feel bad, Work out. If you feel sick, Work out. If you don't feel like it, Work out."
In other words Just Do It

God bless all that read this and double that blessing if you leave a "KIND" comment. CS
Pictures to follow so check back.


Eydie said...

Good job Chris on pressing on and going to your event despite a few of life's stresses. Many run into the same things you did , yet they let it get to them because the day isnt going as planned or perfect, so what? In the end it turned out ok. Yes, we'll have to talk sometime :) I dont generally recommend the cokes until absolutely necessary since there are some 'cleaner' drinks out there for fluid replacement. Take care. Chris A

Eydie said...

OOops, I guess I'm logged in on the computer under Eydie's they attached her as sending the above. It is from Chris